T-2 Pro CO2 controller 14A

T-2 Pro CO2 controller 14A

T-1 Pro CO2 Controller

The T-1 Pro CO2 Controller is the most advanced CO2 controller on the market. It accurately creates the desired CO2 level in your grow room.

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T-1 Pro CO2 Controller
T-1 Pro CO2 Controller

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    The T-1 Pro CO2 Controller is the most advanced CO2 controller on the market. It accurately creates the desired CO2 level in your grow room.

    Configure the T-1 Pro in a minute and enjoy all of its features!
    For example, the T-1 Pro has an automatic CO2dosing counter, a log of the last 7 days and adjustable pulse dosing to get a stable CO2 level in your room. It also has a dosing delay, which ensures delayed activation of CO2 enrichment in your room.

    The T-1 Pro is adjustable from 300 to 2000 ppm or from 300 to 10000 ppm. From the clear display, you can read the actual values of the connected sensors as well as the minimum/maximum values.

    The T-1 Pro Controller automatically switches between day and night settings by means of light detection. Thanks to the built-in calibration function, you can calibrate your CO2 sensor in fresh air.


    • Adjustable from 300 to 2000 ppm or from 300 to 10,000 ppm.
    • Adjustable dosing delay and timer.
    • Automatic CO2 dosing counter
    • Familiar interface.
    • Built-in calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor against outdoor air.
    • Display shows CO2, temperature and humidity values (depending on the connected sensor(s)).
    • Display shows min/max values of connected sensor(s).
    • Display is refreshed every second.
    • LED indicator for CO2 dosage, light detection and a stable climate.
    • All settings are saved during power outage.
    • The controller automatically switches between day/night settings (by means of the connected sensor).
    • Sensor not included; available separately.
    • Automatically turns off the backlight of the display after 60 seconds.
    • Automatically detects broken cable or bad connection of the connected sensors.
    • Compatible with multiple TechGrow devices.
    • Possibility to connect the Techgrow Datalogger (DL-1).

    Click on link to open the manual available in 5 languages:
    TechGrow T-1 PRO Manual V2.13

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    Key functions:
    Controls: CO2 
    Measure/displays:  CO2
    Optional use by S4 sensor displays CO2, temperature and humidity.
    Range PPM: 300-2000 ppm & 300 – 10,000 (requires 0-10.000 PPM sensor)
    Day/night detection: Yes
    Light sensor: In CO2 sensor
    Display characters: 4 x 20

    Power supply:
    Input: 100/240 volt 50/60 HZ
    CO2 power output: 100 – 220 volt
    Internal use: 3 Watt
    CO2 relais: 8 Amp
    CO2 Fuse: 4 Amp
    Power cord: 3 x 0,75 / 1,7m
    Cable length: 1,7m

    Relays details:
    Relays switching capacity:  8 Amp
    Relays rating: AC 5A

    Software details:
    Software version: 
    Latest software update:

    Sensor not included in packaging

    Sensor advice: 
    S-2    0/2.000ppm  (download link)

    Compatibe sensor:
    S-4     0/2.000ppm  (download link)
    S-2  0/10.000ppm
    S-4  0/10.000ppm

    Not compatibel sensors:
    Temp/RH sensor 
    Temp probe 2/ 5/ 10 meter

    Product dimension
    22cmx22cmx10cm (HxWxD)

    Product weight

    Package dimension 
    25x29x17 (HxWxD)

    Package weight  

    Box contents
    TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 controller
    Mounting kit
    5 meter (UTP-) cable
    Reserve fuse

    User manual  
    TechGrow T-1 PRO Manual V2.13

    Product discription 



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